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Home Network Wiring in Bryn Mawr, PA

Home network wiring in Bryn Mawr, PA has become indispensable, as many families today have multiple computers and a variety of connected devices including game systems, storage drives, printers, media players, and even security cameras. While the majority of these devices offer Wi-Fi connectivity, families should also use wired Ethernet connections to fully take advantage of their high speed Internet.

Real High-Speed Internet with Home Network Wiring

Though convenient, Wi-Fi- connections are slower than wired connections; even advanced Wi-Fi gear has a top-end bandwidth of 600 megabits per second (though most Wi-Fi setups operate far more slowly). Wired connections may consistently offer up to 1000 megabits per second, or 1 gigabit per second – great for bandwidth intensive applications like HD video streaming, for instance. Another advantage of wired Ethernet: no long passwords, encryption, or complex alphanumeric keys are required for set up.

Almost all devices have an Ethernet jack built in, including desktop computers, high-definition televisions, game consoles, printers, as well as DVD and Blu-Ray players. These networked devices can operate far more quickly via a wired Ethernet connection. Naturally, however, Wi-Fi works best with portable devices such as smartphones and laptops.

What is Ethernet?

Ethernet is a system for connecting a number of computer systems to form a local area network (LAN), with protocols to control the passing of information. Ethernet is definitely a must-have for any home. Additionally, the wiring installation can be quite simple and inexpensive – provided that you find the right person to do the job.

In a world of wireless connections, wired Ethernet connections are still relevant and important. For simplicity, reliability and speed, consider connecting home appliances and electronics to a home network today. Smart homes elements are becoming more common and desirable.

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