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Winter Electrical Service Safety Tips

electrical service by local electricians advises of fire hazards - flames enveloping the words FIRE HAZARDThe low temperatures, longer nights, and more frequent power outages of winter cause electrical service to work overtime. Unfortunately, this time of year also sees a drastic increase in fire and personal injury risks. In fact, over 65,000 home fires caused by heating equipment alone are reported each winter, with hundreds of lives lost. Prevention is the best way to protect your family and home from the devastation of a home fire or related injury.

Reduce Fire Risks While Staying Warm

When heating equipment is improperly used or maintained, the risk of a home fire goes up drastically. Heating equipment misuse is also the second leading cause of home fires in the country. For the safety of your loved ones, follow the manufacturer’s directions closely and make sure they are maintained properly.

  • Space Heaters: Use on a flat, stable surface that is at least three feet away from any flammable items.
  • Electric Blankets: Use care to avoid pitching the wires, and remember that falling asleep while the blanket is in use goes against official recommendations.
  • Generators: Install generators only outside of a home, avoiding even out of the way areas such as basements. Installing them inside can cause the home to fill with deadly carbon monoxide.
  • Furnace: Make sure your home’s furnace system is clean and well maintained, and change the filters as necessary. Having a professional inspect your heating system before winter is the best way to prevent malfunctions.

Prevent Other Types of Electrical Service Related Fires

While heating equipment may cause many home fires in winter, heating equipment is by no means the only threat. Avoid the following to help reduce your risks.

  • Overloaded Outlets
  • Damaged or Old Cords
  • Improperly Used Extension Cords

Improve Overall Safety

Winter brings long dark nights and in some areas, blistering cold, both of which can prove dangerous. However, installing outdoor security lights will illuminate walkways and reduce hiding places for intruders. If you use an alternative form of heat, such as a kerosene heater, you should keep working carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. For greater protection, consider having experienced residential electrician hardwire your CO and smoke detectors right into your home’s electrical service. Regardless, you should check the batteries regularly to ensure protection even during an outage.

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