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Replacing Circuit Breakers for East Norriton Residents

Homeowners in East Norriton who need an electrician to install electrical wiring, upgrade receptacles, or replace circuit breakers can look to Prime Electrical Service for top-quality comprehensive electrical services. We can evaluate your home’s electrical system to make sure that its condition promotes the safety of your family. Oftentimes, outdated or unsafe wiring may go unnoticed until it is too late. Contacting us for a consultation is free and easy, and provides peace of mind.

Electrician Working to replace a circuit breakerDo You Need to Replace Your Circuit Breaker?

Troubleshooting electrical issues often starts with eliminating possible reasons for an electrical problem, for instance, a burned out lightbulb or faulty device. The next step is to examine the circuit breaker box – where electricity initially enters the home. The box contains circuit breakers for each of your electrical circuits, which can be “tripped” in the event of a fault or if the load on a circuit becomes too great.

Be sure to investigate before resetting the breaker; check the circuit for causes of overloading, for example, too many plugged in appliances, malfunctioning devices, a short circuit. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission advises that consumers know which outlets and products are connected to each circuit.

Be sure to unplug any devices that are on the affected circuits before resetting the circuit switch. Once it resets, slowly turn devices back on. If the circuit breaker trips again, then there may be a problem in the wiring or the switch itself. Knowing when to replace a circuit breaker can be hard to determine, since circuit breakers tend to last for years.

Signs that your circuit breaker may need to be replaced:

  • Trips repeatedly
  • Cannot be reset
  • Hot to the touch
  • Looks/smells burnt

If your electrical difficulties are caused by a damaged or faulty circuit breaker, that breaker must be replaced.

Available 24/7 for Electrical Repairs and Servicing

When it is time to replace circuit breakers in your electrical system, keep your family safe by consulting the trained and licensed professionals at Prime Electrical Service. We take the necessary safety precautions with all circuit breakers. Once we determine the extent of the problem, we comply with local building codes in addressing any underlying issues and replacing circuit breakers. Call 610-994-0290 to replace the circuit breaker in your East Norriton home today!