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Prime Electrical Service Announces the Importance of Smoke Detectors This Winter to Avoid Fires

Electrical Service - Working smoke detectors help prevent firesPrime Electrical Service has announced the continuing importance of maintaining working smoke detectors this winter and spring.

King of Prussia, PA – January 2017Prime Electrical Service would like to reiterate the importance of keeping working and up-to-date smoke alarms in homes this winter. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), one out of five home fire deaths between 2009 and 2013 occurred in homes that had fire alarms which failed to sound.

Best Locations for Smoke Detectors

Every home should have at least one working smoke detector, but most should have multiple units throughout the home, including in:

  • Every bedroom and the area outside the bedrooms
  • Every level of the house, include in the basement and garages
  • Near the kitchen, but at least 10 feet from the stove to prevent false alarms

Ideally, smoke alarms are interconnected throughout the home so if one is triggered, the others will sound as well. A qualified electrician, such as those at Prime Electrical Service, install and connect hard wired smoke alarms so they are interconnected and powered by the home’s electricity.

Types of Smoke Alarms

Currently, three main types of smoke alarms are available for home use in the US. These include:

  • Ionization Alarms – Detect smoke from fast flaming fires, such as from paper or cooking.
  • Photoelectric Alarms – Able to detect smaller amounts of smoke, such as that produced by smoldering fires.
  • Combination Alarms – Use both technologies, but only has to meet the standards of one or the other and may have delayed response time.

Of the three types of alarms, the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) recommends that homeowners have Photoelectric smoke alarms hard wired into their homes since they are best at sensing smoldering house fires that are more likely to cause death by smoke inhalation. However, having some of both ionization and photoelectric alarms is an optimal choice.

To learn more about installing smoke detectors in the Montgomery and surrounding areas, please contact Prime Electrical Service directly.

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