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Residential Electrical Wiring in Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania

Residential Electrical Wiring in Plymouth Meeting, PennsylvaniaPrime Electrical Services can help homeowners with residential electrical wiring in Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania. In Pennsylvania, a state with a rich architectural history, a legacy of old stone buildings survives in Montgomery, Berks, Bucks, Chester, Delaware and Lancaster Counties, especially from the late 1900s to mid-20th century. Many of these historic structures may have circuits that are unable to support power modern appliances. The wiring inside many houses may also be out of date, straining to supply a plethora of appliances, lighting, and electronics. Be sure to check for some of the signs that the electrical wiring in your Plymouth Meeting home needs updating.

Do You Need To Update Your Residential Electrical Wiring?

Sign #1: Overlamping

Overlamping occurs when a light fixture has a bulb with a higher wattage than the fixture is designed for. The bulb’s intense heat can scorch or even melt the socket and insulation. Overlamping is a code violation that can result in arcing, a chief cause of electrical fires.

Sign #2: No GFCIs

Homes lacking ground-fault circuit interrupters face an increased risk of electrocution in wet areas, such as baths and kitchens, since GFCIs shut down circuits before currents can cause a deadly shock. Codes today require GFCIs within 4 feet of any sink and on all garage, basement, and outdoor outlets.

Sign #3: Too Few Outlets

Today’s codes require receptacles within 4 feet of a doorway and every 12 feet thereafter; however, if you heavily rely on extension cords and power strips, adding more outlets is recommended. Undersized extension cords can overheat and ignite a fire if loads are too heavy.

Sign #4: Aluminum Wiring

Used in the 1960s as a cheap substitute for copper, aluminum wiring is no longer considered safe because aluminum corrodes when in contact with copper. Additionally, when connections loosen, it can lead to arcing and fires.

Sign #5: Frequently Tripped Breakers and Fuses

If a circuit breaker or fuse goes out regularly, the total amps plugged in are more than the breaker or fuse is rated for.

Sign #6: Buzzing, Charred, or Discolored Outlets

If the outlets or light switches are buzzing, charred, or discolored, this could be evidence of faulty wiring in the circuit and could indicate a major problem.

While some signs may be obvious, for instance, sparking or burnt outlets and flickering lights, other signs could be hidden behind walls, ceilings, and cover plates. For instance, insulation could wear out over time from excessive heat caused by overloaded circuits. As a house ages, wiring can wear out for a number of reasons and should therefore be inspected by a qualified electrician every five years or so. If you have any doubt about your home’s electrical wiring, especially in an older building, the investment to have a certified electrician examine the home’s electrical wiring is often worthwhile.

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Prime Electrical has been installing and repairing lighting and residential electrical wiring in Plymouth Meeting for over 30 years and our skilled professionals know the signs to look for that could indicate a threat to your home or family. Contact Prime Electrical Service for a consultation today. Call 610-994-0290 or fill out our contact form online.