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Electrical Power and Utilities (Service Drop)

Service Drop Repair

For work with electrical power utilities, like service drops or power disconnects, an experienced professional electrician is a necessity. These lines contain high voltage and lack of knowledge or experience could lead to accidental electrocution.

Service Drops

Service drops are only located in communities that have above-ground electrical lines. Many areas now have buried electrical cables. A service drop is called such because the power lines are higher than the home and feeder lines “drop” from the poles to a service “head” of the house. When new construction is taking place, temporary lines may be dropped to poles or other freestanding objects until permanent installation takes place or lines are buried.

Only certified electricians should work on service drops.  The extremely high voltage makes any work on these areas hazardous.

Power Disconnects

In order to provide a means of disconnecting power from the outside of the home, electrical disconnects are installed, generally below the electric meter on the side of your home or on the utility company’s power pole and must be arranged to cut off the entire current. Power disconnects are especially useful in the event of a fire within the home. The electrical disconnect can be shut off outside, thus allowing the fire department to put out any blaze without the threat of electrocution.

The trained professionals at Prime Electrical Service have provided residential electrical services for over 30 years. If you are moving into a new home that requires service drops or power disconnects, contact us at 610-994-0290 for more information.