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Residential Electricians Services in Blue Bell PA

Have a need for residential electrical services at your Blue Bell home? The residential electricians at Prime Electrical Service are committed to providing quality work, competitive pricing, and friendly service. Our electricians are professionally trained and certified to provide a variety of electrical services for homeowners throughout Pennsylvania.

For help with electric repairs, panel upgrades and more, the local electricians at Prime Electrical Service can make sure you are in good hands. Rather than trying to do electrical work on your own, which can easily turn into a costly and dangerous situation, our licensed electricians ensure that all electrical work is properly done and meets local and state codes. Contact us to fix smaller electrical issues and large electrical projects.

Our Services Include:

Residential Electrical Wiring and Installations

  • Electrical wiring installation for new homes
  • Whole house electrical rewiring
  • Replacement of old and/or faulty wiring
  • Knob and tube electrical wiring replacement
  • Circuit breaker fuse replacement
  • Installation and replacement of electrical switches
  • Phone jack and wiring installation
  • Installation of home appliances
  • Attic ventilation system and ceiling fan installation
  • Home cable TV (CATV) wiring
  • Ground wire installation
  • Network wiring
  • Indoor/outdoor electrical circuit panel installation
  • Meter socket installation
  • Shed wiring

Electrical Service Upgrades

  • Upgrades to electrical service panel
  • Replacement of circuit breakers
  • Home electrical wiring upgrades
  • Structured wiring
  • Smoke and carbon monoxide detector installation
  • Wired doorbell installation
  • Bathroom fan installation
  • Childproof outlet installation

Electrical Service Troubleshooting

  • Dead or sparking outlets
  • Frequently blown fuses
  • Burnt fixtures or flickering lights
  • Electrical switches or receptacles that only work intermittently

Remodeling a fixer upper home? We can manage the electrical work, permits, and budget to be sure that it is up to today’s standards and codes, able to support appliances like air conditioners, hair dryers, and refrigerators. When it comes to complex electrical work, it’s best to seek professional contractors.

Contact An Electrician Near You

Prime Electrical Service has been providing expert electrical services to homeowners in King of Prussia, Montgomery County for over 30 years. For all of your electrical needs, from full home wiring to electrical upgrades, call us today for a consultation at 610-994-0290.