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Home Residential Lighting for King of Prussia Residents

Home Residential Lighting for King of PrussiaLighting can make all the difference to your home, no matter the size or style of the space. The experts at Prime Electrical Service can help you determine which lighting fixtures will work best for each room, depending on its purpose and contents. For instance, an office room will likely need more task lighting than the bedroom. The living room might more accent lighting to highlight artwork. Adding a dimmer switch allows for greater flexibility with the lighting system, which is great for multipurpose rooms. What sort of existing finishes are already present in the room? Do you prefer a more rustic or modern feel? We can help you find lighting that enhances your space, perhaps in a complementary finish.

Improve Your Residential Lighting

The 3 layers of light:

  1. Ambient lighting – needed for every room to provide an overall level of light
  2. Task lighting – more direct light needed for detailed work
  3. Accent lighting – can highlight certain features and provide a secondary light source

Although the room type and size will largely determine which light types are needed, most rooms will typically need at least two layers for proper lighting. Ambient, or general lighting, should be determined first when looking at a room’s lighting needs. Providing a comfortable level of light, ambient light sources include overhead lighting like ceiling fixtures and fans, chandeliers, and pendants. Task lighting supplies more intense, direct light needed for performing a specific task in places like the kitchen, office, and bathroom. Task light sources to consider include desk lamps, island pendants, under-cabinet lighting, vanity lighting, and work lamps. Accent lighting can be used to spotlight interesting features in your home decor, perhaps a painting or sculpture. Accent lighting can also serve to illuminate portions of the room where other light sources do not reach. Accent lighting sources include recessed lighting, track lighting and wall sconces.

Dramatically increase your King of Prussia home’s quality of light with home residential lighting from Prime Electrical Service. We are experienced in providing the ideal lighting installation that will meet your home’s needs and electrical standards. Call us at 610-994-0290 to schedule a consultation or to learn more.