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Kitchen Safety and Residential Electrical Wiring: How the Two Go Hand in Hand

A kitchen is the focal point for many events, family gatherings, and special moments. A kitchen can also present potential risks, including fire and electrical shock if safety measures are not taken into account. In fact, more than half of all accidental house fires start in the kitchen from misused kitchen appliances or outdated wiring. To help reduce the risks, Prime Electrical Service offers these tips for residential electrical wiring and kitchen safety.

Safe Use of Sockets and Switches

Water is highly conductive; when mixed with even a small amount of electricity, it can cause serious injury. To safeguard yourself from electrical shock while working in the kitchen, make sure your hands are completely dry before operating any electrical equipment, including light switches. All receptacles should be installed a safe distance from water sources, and avoid overloading them with too many appliances. In the event you own an older home, consider having the professionals at Prime Electrical Service inspect your home to make sure your kitchen’s electrical is safe for you and your family.

Using Kitchen Appliances Safely

Kitchen appliances, while designed to help reduce the amount of labor required to create wonderful meals, can also pose potential threats to safety if one is careless. When used mindfully however, appliances are perfectly safe. Here are some things you can do to ensure safe use of your appliances.

  • Dishwashers, dryers, and washing machines should not be left unattended in case they overheat.
  • Make sure all surfaces have cooled before wrapping cables for storage.
  • Unplug appliances before attempting repairs or cleaning.
  • Unplug toasters before removing stuck bread, and avoid metal knives.
  • Reduce grease buildup by cleaning ovens and grills.
  • Keep tops and sides of appliances clear to prevent overheating.
  • Conduct regular maintenance on appliances, such as defrosting the freezer.
  • Check your smoke detectors monthly to make sure they still work.

Innovations in safe technology for electrical use constantly change, and residential electrical wiring is one area that has benefited from these advances. Coupled with safe use practices, you can drastically reduce the risks of home fires and personal injury.

Contact the expert team at Prime Electrical Service today to see how they can help make your home safer, and more energy efficient. Prime Electrical Service has proudly serviced the Montgomery, Chester, and Bucks counties for over 30 years.