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Four Common Uses for Home Network Wiring

A home network is simply the collection of devices within a home that can talk to one another via the home network wiring or a wireless internet connection.  A home network allows for easier file sharing among devices, as well as greater possibilities for media streaming, network backup, and even multiplayer gaming. 

The four most common uses for home network wiring include:

  • Multiplayer LAN Gaming
  • Home Servers
  • File Sharing
  • Remote Access to Main Computers

Multiplayer LAN Gaming

Online and other multiplayer gaming have become very popular, with many gaming platforms releasing new games that allow greater multiplayer options. In fact, game makers are developing games that allow for cross platform game play. With home network wiring, greater access to cross platform games among devices becomes a reality thanks to your home network.

Home Servers

As mentioned, the most common use of home network wiring is to establish a type of home server, which allows for easier file sharing, such as using a single printer for the household. Other options for home servers include:

  • Website hosting
  • PBX call management system
  • Personal Minecraft server
  • And more.

When dealing with home servers, the possibilities are nearly endless.

File Sharing

A home network allows computers and devices within the home to talk to one another, allowing the homeowner greater access to all files across all the devices within the network. Once a home network has been established, users can:

  • Stream digital content
  • Explore pictures and video captured on network devices
  • Access files, such as school reports and homework, from any device
  • Share household access to shopping lists and other tasks
  • And much more

Remote Access

The ability to gain access to the main computer from anywhere in the house is another benefit to a home network. As cross platform programs, applications, and games become ever more prevalent, the ability to access and control the main computer from a smartphone or other connected device allows for a smoother user experience. Homeowners can now stream movies on the flat screen, adjust the thermostat, and start the slow cooker without leaving the sofa.

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