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Know Your Options When Considering Recessed Residential Lighting in PA

Recessed lighting is a great option for setting the mood within a home, as well as ensuring your light sources are unobtrusive and out of the way. Recessed lighting can also ‘open up’ a room, making the room appear more spacious.

You can find plenty of options in recessed residential lighting in PA. Before investing in your lighting, always know the varieties available, and how they may affect your home.

An Overview of PA Recessed Residential Lighting Options

In general, a light source is “recessed” when the housing for the light is flush with the ceiling, wall, or floor it is being installed into. The resulting surface should be flat or, at most only have a slight curve where the bulb protrudes.

Most of the differences depend on the housing and how the light fits into your home:

  • New Construction Housing: Designed to be fit into a home during construction. Often bulkier and sturdier, but is not appropriate for renovations.
  • Remodel Housing: The appropriate option if you are putting recessed lighting into an existing home. A lighter and less sturdy option, but requires far less alteration to existing construction to install.
  • Insulation-Contact (IC): When the light will be in direct contact with insulation, the lighting needs special protections and its own insulation. Otherwise, non-IC housings must be 3+ inches away from insulation.
  • Airtight housing: Best for installations which are on upper floors. These have extra buffers to prevent air exchange and the accompanying loss of insulation.
  • Shallow ceiling: Designed for ceilings that only offer 2-3 inches of available space.
  • Sloped ceiling: Allows extra space so the light can be fitted and aimed within a sloped ceiling, without disrupting the slope and its effect.

Residential recessed lighting also offers several options in trim, providing extra aesthetic appeal as well as helping to aim the lights.

  • Baffle trim: The standard option, this trim is ribbed to add a little extra texture to the light.
  • Eyeball trim: Adds extra focus to the light, allowing you to aim the light for spotlight or accent effects.
  • Wall-Wash: Half of the light is covered over, to focus light on a wall or large wall element like a painting.
  • Shower Trim: Utilizes tempered glass for safety in bathrooms and other wet areas.

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