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Stay Safe and Secure When You Replace a Circuit Breaker in PA

Circuit breakers are a critical part of every building’s electrical system. Circuit breakers protect electronic devices (and people) from dangerous or destructive surges in electricity by switching off whenever the amount of power becomes too high. Every electric device in the house relies on properly functioning circuit breakers.

However, circuit breakers can fail, or may need to be replaced periodically. Here are some tips to ensure you stay safe and do the job right whenever you need to replace a circuit breaker in PA.

How to Know If Your PA Circuit Breaker Needs Replacing

With the possible exception of a few high-powered items in your home, like refrigerators or A/C units, most circuit breakers can provide power to several rooms or devices at once. Therefore, you will know when there is a circuit breaker problem: one or more rooms will lack power, while other areas in the house are fine.

When just one or two devices are not working, the problem is more likely with the devices themselves, or in the electrical outlet the devices are plugged into. Try plugging into a different outlet and see if it makes a difference. When only a single outlet will not work properly, we recommend hiring a professional to deal with such work. Replacing an outlet can be dangerous.

When you know there is a circuit breaker problem, it is absolutely critical that you switch off (and preferably unplug) all devices attached to that breaker. By switching off power, it makes working on the breaker safer, as well as reducing the strain on the breaker.

After replacing the circuit breaker, slowly plug in and turn on each connected device one-by-one. Hopefully, the breakers should all power up normally. However, should a breaker immediately trip again during this process, or once it is under a full load, that generally indicates a problem with the wiring or the circuit box.

In the event this happens, call for professional help immediately.

Know When to Call in the Professionals

Many things can go wrong when working on a home’s electrical system, and the electricity/voltage involved can be deadly. Whenever you ever feel unsure of what you are doing when working with or trying to replace a circuit breaker in PA, contact Prime Electrical Service.

Our experts will ensure the job is done right, safely, and entirely up to code. Contact us today!


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