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Prime Electrical Service Announces Full Circuit Breaker Replacement Services in PA, That Prevent Dangerous DIY Work

June 10, 2016 – King of Prussia, PA – There are many projects around the house that homeowners can work on themselves, without having to call in a professional.  However, having to replace a circuit breaker in PA, or other electrical work is not among these.  Home electrical work can be extremely dangerous, even for trained professionals.  The experts at Prime Electrical Service provide certified electrical services, and strongly advise against DIY electrical projects.

open breaker box with labeled circuit breakersThere are plenty of dangers involved in home electrical work, including:

  • High voltage and wattage systems can be fatal when something goes wrong.
  • Even minor contact with high-voltage power can cause long-lasting health issues.
  • Overloading circuit breakers can cause damage to the electrical system.
  • Homeowners’ insurance or product warranties do not usually cover amateur work.
  • Patchwork jobs might not pass official inspection, greatly harming property values.

Electrical work is one area where it is simply not worth trying to save a few dollars in the short term. There are too many ways DIY electrical work can cause major long-term problems.

Prime Electrical Service offers friendly, easy, and affordable home electrical work for residents of King of Prussia, PA and surrounding counties.  Every electrician is fully licensed and insured, and customers are presented with up-front work estimates to ensure no surprises on the final bill.

Homeowners should not risk their life and property values when dealing with something as dangerous as high-voltage electricity. Leave it to the professionals at Prime Electrical Service to replace that circuit breaker.

Call Prime Electrical Service for Circuit Breaker Replacement in PA

Prime Electrical Service offers top-quality, highly-reliable electrical work to residents throughout Bucks, Montgomery, and Chester Counties in Pennsylvania. From outdoor lighting,to full new-home installations to circuit breaker replacements in PA, Prime Electrical Service has full 24/7 services available on-call, backed by fully certified workers. Thirty years of experience serving the PA area guarantees top-quality work every time.

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