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Upgrade Your Outdoor Residential Lighting in PA, And Enjoy Great Summer Nights

Who wants to be stuck indoors on a clear, cool summer evening when you could be enjoying the outdoors on your very own property?  With the right outdoor residential lighting installations from Prime Electrical Service, you can spend every relaxing summer night enjoying the outdoor air.

Great outdoor lighting not only helps you enjoy your own property to the fullest – it usually boosts property values as well. Great residential lighting in PA is a major selling point, and can attract a lot of visitors if you ever look to sell.

Here are just a few of the options you might explore when improving your own nighttime lighting:

Great Ideas for Better Outdoor Residential Lighting in PA

Landscape Lighting

Just a few carefully placed lights around your property for dramatic effect can create a landscape that looks like it is out of a photography magazine. Highlight trees or architecture with carefully concealed ground lights, or use low-power LEDs to illuminate paths without creating excess light pollution.  Experts can craft a lighting design that truly brings out the best side of your property.


Pool Lighting

In the event you want to swim at night, good lighting around your pool is a necessity.  Prime Electrical Service can help ensure your poolside area is just as safe as it is during the daytime, but without using garish flood lights that ruin the evening ambiance.  A huge variety of color options, or even color-switching lights, allow you to create the perfect mood for your pool.


Security Lighting

When you use top-quality security lighting products, you can have outdoor residential lighting that is beautiful and practical.  These motion-sensing lights can keep your property fully illuminated, while alerting you or your security company if there is anything on your grounds uninvited.


Timed Lighting

With a simple set of timers installed on your property, you can set up the system to be on when you need it, and still automatically turn itself off once you have gone to bed.  There is no need to flip dozens of switches every time you want to go inside.

Call Prime Electrical for your Outdoor Residential Lighting Needs in PA

With more than thirty years serving Montgomery, Chester, and Bucks Counties, Prime Electrical Service offers the best in electrical work and residential lighting in PA, backed by top-quality electricians.

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