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Prime Electrical Service Announces That Tax Season Is a Great Time to Consider Upgrading Your Home Network Wiring

Prime Electrical Service has announced that tax season is a great time to consider upgrading your home network wiring to help accommodate new electronics and improve networking power.

King of Prussia, PA – May 2016 – Prime Electrical Service, a local residential wiring expert, has announced that this tax season is a great time to upgrade your home’s network wiring. As families spend their tax refund on high-end electronics, it is important to make sure the home is correctly wired to support the additional electrical and networking demands.

Tax season is a popular time to upgrade household appliances and other electronics, but often the home’s electrical and network wiring are overlooked; this can lead to potential service interruptions from overloaded electrical systems. However, a professional can inspect the home for potential electrical service or network wiring problems, and offer recommendations for improvement, including:

  • Electrical service upgrades for higher capacity;
  • Home network wiring;
  • Installing additional phone lines; and
  • Upgrading to, or installing new, GCFI receptacles.

The experts at Prime Electrical Service will install all the needed components to ensure efficient networking power. Wiring of garages or sheds and the mounting, installation, and wiring hookups for new flat screen televisions are also popular options for customers who want the ultimate game day experience.

Those interested in upgrading their home network wiring, or who would like additional information, are encouraged to contact the professionals at Prime Electrical Service.

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