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Residential Lighting – Pool Landscape Lighting Ideas to Get Ready for Summer

A great way to start off the summer season is to upgrade your outdoor living space with interesting lighting features. Prime Electrical Service, a residential lighting expert company based in King of Prussia, PA, offers several ideas for reviving outdoor living areas that are also more family-friendly.

The Pool

Pool lighting has come a long way with the introduction of LED lighting. Where harsh, ineffective pool spotlights were once used, now LED lighting offers a huge range of style, color, and design options. Tech savvy homeowners can even program their pool lighting to change colors throughout the night.

The Pad

While illuminating the pool itself for nighttime swimming is an important aspect, for safety reasons it is also important to make sure the pad surrounding the pool is adequately lit. One great way to do this, without compromising style, is to install lighting fixtures around the perimeter of the pool area, either hardwired into the home, or powered by solar panels. These types of outdoor residential lighting options are available in a wide section of designs and styles.

The Deck

The deck area, which generally serves as the social hub of outdoor entertaining, offers homeowners a nearly endless range of lighting options including:

  • Standard lighting fixtures in covered areas
  • String LEDs
  • Under lighting
  • Mood lighting
  • Fiber Optics
  • and much more!

As with many other types of residential lighting, there are deck and pool lighting options to meet each homeowner’s unique sense of design and personal style.

The Yard and Other Areas

Keeping your pool area safe should be the number one priority of any pool owner. One way to accomplish this, aside from ensuring proper illumination in and around the pool, is to install security and landscape lighting around the yard and home. These areas include:

  • Walkways leading to the home and the pool area
  • Driveways and parking areas
  • Deeply shadowed nooks
  • Interesting landscaping features

Revitalizing a tired outdoor living area, such as a pool, is one easy way to increase the safety and enjoyment of the space, while also improving the home’s curb appeal and value.

To learn more about landscape and pool lighting options for your King of Prussia home, please contact the experts at Prime Electrical Service today!