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Popular Choices for Designing Electrical Service This Spring

With spring right around the corner, many homeowners are looking to spruce up their home. As spring cleaning gets underway, now is a great time to consider upgrading your electrical service to include design elements that provide a refreshing facelift to your home, increasing curb appeal and resale value. Popular options include architectural, outdoor, and landscaping accents. Choosing a professional electrical service, like Prime Electrical Service, is always recommended when dealing with such projects.

Popular-Choices-for-Designing-Electrical-Service-This-Spring-Finished Basement with Bar Seating featuring Recessed and Pendant lights

Electrical Service Design Elements

Architectural Accents

Every home has architectural aspects that could benefit from accent lighting, both inside the home and out. Homeowners utilize electrical design in three main ways to increase a home’s visual appeal through highlighting the architectural aspects that make their home unique. These popular options include:

  • Up lighting of unique architecture – mantels, elaborate carvings, porches, railings, and balconies.
  • Mindfully placed recessed lighting – under hanging cabinets, along hallway floors, bar areas, and other dimly lit areas.
  • Decorative display highlighting – built-in bookcases, shelving, china cabinets, art display areas, paintings and other wall art.

Popular Choices for Designing Electrical Service This Spring - A home's yard at night, with accent lighting for the walls and hedge

Outdoor Accents

Although electrical service design is often found inside of the home, other areas can benefit as well. Frequently, homeowners decide to place outdoor lighting throughout properties, either for additional security, increased visibility, or to illuminate outdoor entertainment spaces for evening use.

Common areas where homeowners often opt to place outdoor lighting for added security and visibility include walkways leading to the home, garbage bin locations, patios and porches, and areas around the property where pests or potential burglars may hide.

Mood lighting is also a popular design option for outdoor entertainment spaces, such as barbeque areas, or pools. Outdoor electrical service can include installing sound systems or routing electricity to outdoor kitchen spaces.

Landscape Design

A popular option for homeowners to increase curb appeal and resale value is to highlight landscaping features that make their homes stand out from the crowd. Some examples include:

  • Prized trees, shrubs, or flower beds
  • Flag poles
  • Bird baths or fountains
  • Garden paths
  • Secluded seating areas
  • Gazebos

Adding additional lighting and other electrical design options to your home is a relatively easy way to spruce up the space and get ready for those warm summer nights.

Prime Electrical Service Offers Quality Electrical Design Services in PA

To learn more about popular electrical design services to increase your home’s visual appeal and resale value, or to request electrical service in Bucks, Montgomery, or Chester, Pennsylvania counties, please contact the expert staff at Prime Electrical Service. Prime Electrical Service has over 30 years of experience providing customers expert electrical design service, and specializes in residential wiring and lighting.