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Prime Electrical Service Announces Benefits of Residential Lighting Techniques for Under Counter Lighting

Prime Electrical Service announces the benefits of using residential lighting techniques to illuminate under counters and cabinets.

King of Prussia, PA – February 2016 – Residential lighting and wiring expert, Prime Electrical Service, has announced the benefits of using under counter lighting techniques. Under cabinets are an ideal location for additional lighting, particularly in the kitchen and pantry areas, as these areas are notorious for dim or inadequate lighting.

Under Cabinet Lighting Benefits

Reduce Glare

One benefit to using under cabinet lighting is the reduced glare; this type of lighting provides focused illumination in areas where users typically need it, while maintaining the visual appeal of the space. Due to the hidden location, glare is reduced without sacrificing visibility during cooking prep tasks.

Lessen Shadows

Under cabinet lighting also reduces shadows on the work area. By directly illuminating the workspace, this type of lighting technique allows for detailed work to be completed, such as dicing vegetables or meats, without shadows interfering and potentially creating safety hazards.

Add Night Lighting

When installed with a dimmer switch or intentionally using low level lights, under cabinet lighting can also be used as a night light. Doing so frees up valuable outlet space while improving visibility during the night.

Several types of under cabinet lighting are available in a variety of finishes and styles to match most homeowners’ personal styles. Depending on the type of lighting, these features can be installed relatively quickly by experienced professionals, and provide kitchen spaces with an inexpensive facelift that will brighten the area without harsh glare or unsightly fixtures.

Homeowners can choose from three main types of lighting options:

  • Incandescent lamps are the most common type of lighting overall in homes. They are versatile and can give off either a soft warm glow or a cool white light.
  • Fluorescent lamps are the most popular choice for under cabinet lighting because they are thin and can be hidden by cabinet ledges more easily. You might think of buzzing and flickering when you think of fluorescent lights, but new designs have diminished or eliminated that effect.
  • Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are popular due to reduced energy usage and long life. The initial cost is more, but over time, there can be a big savings. LEDs usually produce a blue-white light, but warm options are available.

To learn more about the benefits of under cabinet lighting, and for installation options, please contact the residential lighting experts at Prime Electrical Service.

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