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Prime Electrical Service Advises Caution While Displaying Holiday Lights

Electrical cords and holiday lights can cause fire hazards when damaged or improperly installed. Prime Electrical Service warns its customers to use caution this holiday season to prevent unnecessary property damage.

Montgomery, Pennsylvania – November, 2015 – Prime Electrical Service, a residential electrical company based out of King of Prussia, PA, urges its customers to use caution after Thanksgiving when installing their outdoor holiday lighting to help reduce the risk of fire hazards.

Prime Electrical wants to remind their customers to inspect all decorative lighting before displaying it this holiday season. Customers can also contact Prime Electrical to set up a professional inspection of their holiday lights and in house wiring.

According to their website, “Frayed electrical cords are the primary cause of electrical fires during holidays and celebrations.” They offer the following suggestions to reduce the risk of fire hazards from damaged or improperly installed holiday lights:

  • Inspect all lights annually before displaying, periodically throughout the season, and again after removal.
  • Ensure cords are free from defects such as bare spots, gaps, or fraying.
  • Inspect all sockets for broken or cracked areas.
  • Check for excessive wear or kinking of the cord.
  • Regularly test the electrical cords for excessive heat.
  • Use only lighting that has been listed for outdoor use by an approved laboratory.
  • Unless otherwise indicated, refrain from linking more than three light strings together.
  • Refrain from overloading outlets with excessive plugs.
  • Avoid leaving holiday lights on while unattended.
  • Store lights neatly and away from standing water, sharp edges, or other potentially damaging environments.

If damage or defects are noticed, discard the cords or decorations in question, or contact Prime Electrical for advice on repair or proper disposal. When in doubt, replacing older lights can save the homeowner thousands of dollars in fire damage from dangerous electrical cords.

By following the suggestions listed above, homeowners can reduce the risk of property and personal injury from fire hazards caused by damaged electrical cords. While inspecting their string lights for potential hazards, Prime Electrical Service wants to remind their clients to check all electrical decorations and appliances both outside and in their homes. Doing so will alert the homeowner of hazards that might otherwise have gone undetected.

Clients are encouraged to contact the experts at Prime Electrical Service for their holiday light inspection. A professional inspection will ensure any and all potential hazards are identified and properly addressed, leaving homeowners free to enjoy their holidays with peace of mind knowing that their homes and family are safe from fire damages associated with faulty or damaged lighting.

About Prime Electrical Service:

Prime Electrical Service specializes in residential wiring and lighting. They have served the Montgomery, Bucks, and Chester County area for over 30 years. For more information, call (610) 994-0290 or visit,

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