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Hiring a Professional in Residential Electrical Wiring Can Prevent Household Tragedies

With the amount of information online nowadays, homeowners can be tempted to try to complete electrical wiring projects at home. However, the risk of personal injury and property damage is very real. Hiring a professional who is experienced in residential electrical wiring, such as the experts at Prime Electrical Service, can prevent unnecessary tragedy.

The Numbers

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), 46,000 home fires take place each year due to faulty electrical wiring and other electrical mishaps. These fires cause approximately 440 deaths, 1,420 injuries, and $434 million in property damages. Electrocutions also occur at a rate of about 760 times a year due to bad electrical wiring. Having a professional tend to your home’s wiring needs can prevent these tragedies from happening to you and your loved ones.

Changing Codes and Regulations

Electrical codes and regulations are updated fairly regularly to reflect the changing standards of electrical safety, innovations, and newer technologies. Prime Electrical Service residential electricians keep up to date with the ever changing codes to ensure customers are as safe as possible. Attempting to perform electrical work without a full understanding of the newest codes and obsolete materials can result in damages to your person or property.

Problem Detection Before It Becomes a Safety Concern

When it comes to residential electrical wiring, particularly in older homes, problems can hide behind walls, becoming silent killers. However, a professional inspection can spot problems before they become safety issues. Professionals have the knowledge necessary to spot problems that might otherwise go unnoticed by laymen. Depending on the type of wiring in your home, experts recommend that you get your home professionally inspected every five years for aluminum wiring and every 20 years for copper.

Warning Signs Your Home May be at Risk

Homeowners should know what to look out for that may signal a problem with your electrical system. The following are common signs that you should contact a professional to upgrade or service your wiring.

  • Old, outdated fixtures, devices, and receptacles.
  • Limited number of receptacles in a room can indicate outdated wiring and should be upgraded.
  • Plugs that feel warm to the touch.
  • Flickering lights and frequent need for bulb replacement.
  • Frequent tripping of the circuit breaker, or use of an older fuse box.
  • Non-working outlets, outlets that pop with use or spark when unplugging or plugging in an appliance.
  • Visible damage to wires, receptacles, or fixtures.

If you notice any of the above in or around your home, you should have a licensed professional from Prime Electrical Service, experienced in residential electrical wiring, come in to inspect your system.

For more information on how to prevent household tragedy from electrical fires or electrocution, please contact the dedicated and experienced staff at Prime Electrical Service. They are available 24/7 for emergency repairs in the Bucks, Montgomery, and Chester, Pennsylvania areas.