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Prime Electrical Service Announces Cautions to Homeowners Who Want to Replace a Circuit Breaker Themselves

Prime Electrical Service announces the risks to homeowners who want to try a DIY circuit breaker replacement, which includes the risk of property damage, personal injury, or death.

electrician working to replace a circuit breakerKing of Prussia, PA – January 2016 – The residential electrical professionals at Prime Electrical Service based out of King of Prussia, PA, want to caution their customers against attempting to replace circuit breakers themselves due to the dangers of personal injury and property damage.

One of the risks when replacing a circuit breaker is improperly installing any portion of the device, from the wiring to the breaker itself. Installation problems can occur that go unnoticed to the homeowner. Improper installation can lead to the wire heating up, which can result in an electrical fire. The risk of an electrical fire from poor wiring is particularly high in older circuit panels that have been designed poorly. Using too large a breaker can also overload the system, increasing the risk of damages from fire or even the breaker exploding.

When homeowners attempt to replace circuit breakers, they can miss more hazardous problems that could have necessitated the breaker replacement. A trained professional at Prime Electrical Service will be able to spot signs that there is a deeper issue than just an old worn out breaker. Having a professional electrician replace the circuit breaker could alert the homeowner to problems they might have before serious damage occurs.

Outdated equipment and incompatible parts are another issue homeowners should be aware of before attempting to replace circuit breakers. If the circuit panel is outdated, the breakers on the market may be incompatible with the current system. Upgrading circuit panels as they age can prevent a breakdown in the wiring which can also lead to fires.

Prime Electrical Service wants to caution their customers against replacing their circuit breakers themselves to prevent the chances of personal injury or property damages. Instead, they recommend having a professional come in to inspect the unit and replace it with the proper products and equipment, using the latest techniques and technologies. Prime Electrical Service’s experts can handle all your residential service and repairs, and can safely replace your circuit breaker.

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