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Prime Electrical Service Offers Five Ways to Reduce Energy Consumption This Winter

Winter’s frigid temperatures and brisk winds play havoc on homeowners’ power bills. Homeowners often have increased power and electrical service needs. Below are five ways to help homeowners reduce their energy use and save money on their power bills.

Make the Switch

Did you know that incandescent light bulbs waste 90% of their energy use through heat? Replacing the out-dated bulbs throughout your home can reduce your expenses. Both CFL and LED lights use less energy to provide increased lighting. Switching your bulbs is a quick, easy way to reduce your bill. An electrical service provider can also install dimmers or timers on your lights.

Use Your Energy Wisely

Electronics continue to use electricity even when they are turned off. Unplugging them between uses can reduce your electricity consumption. Making sure the dryer lint screen is cleaned between loads, and drying loads back to back also allows you to better use your electricity (and reduce fire risk). Lowering your heat setting by as little as two degrees in the winter can have a big impact on your heating costs. Also, consider running major appliances early in the morning or late at night – before and after your electric company’s prime-time rate increase.

Insulate Your Home

Installing additional insulation to the attic, basement, and walls can significantly reduce your heating costs. Make sure windows and doors are well-sealed with adequate weather stripping, and consider investing in draft protection for outside doors to decrease heat loss. Even simply placing an area rug on the floor can reduce energy waste and help maintain a comfortable living space. 

Invest in Upgrades

Replacing major appliances with more energy efficient models is a great way to reduce your energy bill and possibly receive valuable tax credits. Upgrading your home’s electrical wiring can improve your energy usage safely.

Have a Whole-Home Electrical Inspection

Electrical service contractors have years of experience and training that can potentially save you hundreds off of your annual electrical usage. Prime Electrical Service can inspect your home’s electrical systems and make improvement recommendation designed to reduce consumption. They can find energy drains, outdated receptacles and wires, and fire hazards that may be causing increased energy bills or may pose a safety threat.

Call Prime Electrical Service in PA for Your Residential Electrical Needs

For more information on ways to reduce your energy use this winter, or to request a home electrical inspection in the Montgomery, Chester, Bucks, or surrounding areas, please contact the experts at Prime Electrical Service today at610-994-0290!

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