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How to Know if You Need an Electrical Upgrade

As a homeowner, maintaining your investment is an important task, one that should include your electrical service. In fact, poorly maintained electrical is one of the leading causes for home fires. Prime Electrical Service has provided some ways to tell if your home needs an electrical upgrade.

Three Indications that Your Home Needs an Electrical Service Upgrade

Power Availability is Inadequate

If you have to unplug the microwave before starting the dryer to avoid tripping the breaker, your home is probably in need of an electrical service upgrade. In fact, power fluctuations and inadequacies can even damage sensitive electronics, causing hundreds or even thousands of dollars’ worth of property loss.

For most homes, 60 amps (which is the standard) is enough power to meet a family’s needs. A more modern home with the latest in entertainment and other electronics, however, may require as much as 200 amps.

Outlets are in Short Supply

When there is a greater demand for outlets than the home can provide, homeowners tend to rely on a jumbled mix of power strips and extension cords to meet their electrical needs. Cluttered outlets and tangled cords are unsightly, pose tripping hazards, and increase the risk of home fires. To avoid personal and property damage from over-crowded outlets, your home may benefit from the installation of additional outlets.

You Own an Older Home

Technology has advanced at a rapid rate over the last 40 years, with advances in materials, procedures, and safety measures for residential electrical service. Electrical codes, for example, are updated every year for the safest, most efficient usage. An older home may not be up to code, and may overheat its current wiring. Upgrading your electrical wiring can drastically reduce power bills when the latest in efficiency standards are met.

When is the Best Time to Upgrade?

Maintaining a home’s electrical system to meet the current safety codes and power demands is important, but keeping up-to-date can become very expensive. Due to expenses and time, Prime recommends upgrading electrical wiring during another major home improvement project to share overlapping expenses, such as opening and closing/repairing the walls.

Call Prime for Electrical Upgrades

For over 30 years Prime Electrical Service has provided expert electrical and lighting services. To learn more about upgrading the electrical in your Montgomery, Chester, or Bucks County home, please contact the professionals at Prime Electrical Service today.