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Three Types of Home Network Wiring in PA: Which is Right for You?

In today’s ever increasingly connected world, having a home network is becoming vital for everyday interactions-from connecting with family a world apart, to sending off an important e-mail while shopping for socks. Home network wiring in PA is divided into three main types. The categories of network connections include Ethernet/LAN, Wi-Fi/Wireless LAN, and Power Line.

3 Categories of Internet Wiring

Ethernet / LAN

The Ethernet or LAN network is hardwired into your electronics via physical cables. Ethernet wires run through the walls of the home and plug into your router or available LAN ports. These cables can span up to 100 meters without negatively affecting the performance; they can also reach speeds of up to a Gigabit, or 1,000 Mbps, depending on the current age of the electronic devices hooked up to the Ethernet connection. An Ethernet connection provides the greatest reliable speeds and performance.

Wi-Fi or Wireless LAN

home network wiringWireless connections actually use radio waves to allow for connectivity. Under ideal circumstances- a well-designed home with the latest compatible devices- wireless LAN can reach up to a gigabit. However, more often structural elements and outside interference can limit the reach of a Wi-Fi connection as well as its speed and reliability. Despite some limitations, wireless LANs remain popular due to the ability for multiple devices to be connected without miles of cables.

Power Line 

Using the electrical wiring currently installed in the home, a power line network connection allows the signals to travel through the wiring without installing additional cables. A home’s electrical system is left unaffected because a power line networking manipulates frequencies un-used by AC currents. When installed, a power line connection provides the same whole home connection as a wireless LAN, with the reliability of an Ethernet connection.

Which is Right for You?

An Ethernet connection provides the best overall performance with the fastest reliable speeds, and is the ideal choice unless hard wiring is impractical. Wireless, due to its unreliable signals and speeds should only be used when other connections are unavailable, such as for smart phones. When you are unable to install new cables and wireless coverage is spotty, power line networks can be a good option.

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